Eligibility for Membership

A Membership in Altrusa is extended to individuals who are of good character and who subscribe to the principles and purposes of Altrusa International.

Sponsoring a New Member

1.Complete “Recommendation for Membership” form and fax or “hand deliver” form to New Member Extension Chair. She will initial form to approve eligibility.

2. After being notified by new membership extension that prospect is qualified for membership, invite the prospect to two (2) program meetings.

3. When prospect has attended two (2) program meetings, New Member Extension Chair will forward the “Recommendation for Membership” form to the President for approval by the club at the next business meeting.

4. Club members have five (5) business days to file written responses. If there are no objections, President notifies Treasurer and a letter of invitation and invoice are sent to prospect with a copy to the Primary Sponsor. If membership is not extended, the President notifies the Sponsor and Membership Chair prior to the next business meeting.

5. When dues are received, prospect is considered a member and is scheduled for new member initiation and orientation. The new member begins attending all meetings and is assigned to her Primary Sponsor’s committee.

Prospective Member Procedures

Prospective Members are always welcome to attend an Altrusa meeting. Prior to bring a guest, contact Debbie French, Membership Chair, dafrench@havenhospice.org or call 386-688-3766.

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